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4 Things to Know About Weddings in Each Season

When you want your wedding to include seasonal touches, you have to ensure you choose the right season. Each season has its share of pros and cons for people who want to get married. Many people are getting married these days. According to The Knot, the number of weddings in 2022 is on track to top roughly 2.6 million. A wedding planner can help you make a decision about what season to get married in. Check out these four things to know before setting a date.

1. Fall/Autumn Is the Most Popular and Expensive Season

You’d think that spring or summer would top the list of seasons for weddings. But no; it’s fall. As The Knot points out, October tends to be the most popular month for weddings. In their 2021 survey, they found that 22 percent of weddings happened in October, with June and August tied for second place at 13 percent. However, The Knot says that also means that wedding services, including event space rentals, are going to be in higher demand during those months and cost more.

2. Winter and Spring Weddings Can Be the Most Complicated

Weather makes winter and spring more complicated than summer and fall for weddings. While areas like southern Texas and Florida might have some nice days in winter, much of the country is snowy and cold. Spring weather can include some frightening storms, too. Any event space you choose should have an indoor section where everyone can be if the weather is too cold or rainy.

3. Spring and Summer May Be the Easiest for Guests

Spring and summer may be better for weddings where your guests have to deal with a lot of schedule issues. In spring, according to Bridal Guide, people aren’t typically off on planned vacations. Finding time to attend your wedding should be easier for many people. In summer, people can turn your wedding into part of their vacation.

4. Spring Cloudiness May Provide the Best Photos

Spring weather often includes cloudy days, and those clouds actually make for wonderful lighting for outdoor photos, according to Bridal Guide. You will have to be aware of spring storms in many parts of the country, but if you know the weather in your area tends to have a pattern, you can schedule with that in mind.

Wedding planning really starts with event space. Speak with your wedding planner about where the best space would be given the season in which you want to hold the wedding. To get in touch with our event space, contact us at Lakeview Hills Events today.