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How to Pick the Best Wedding Date

The best destination and outdoor weddings create a unique experience that can’t be topped. Planning one of these ceremonies requires work, especially if you want to maximize attendance. Several tips can help you properly plan and execute your big day. Follow the suggestions below to improve your ceremony and ensure it goes smoothly.

Book In Advance

According to our sources, 48% of all event planners prefer planning at least six to 12 months before the event. This time frame might seem extreme, but it’s critical when planning a wedding. Taking the time to plan and execute your wedding properly can ensure that you get great results. It can also minimize the risk of problems, such as not getting everyone together in time to practice.

Understand Seasonal Changes

As the seasons change, availability for weddings might become sparser. For example, spring and summer weddings are trendy, while winter ceremonies are not. Critically, you need to pay attention to holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving and avoid planning around these times. Also, avoid big sporting events or conventions and plan your wedding on different days.

Talk With Your VIPs Before the Event

Your wedding has VIPs who have to be at the ceremony, such as close friends, parents, and all wedding party members. It’s critical to talk with them to make sure that they can make the event and have time to plan around their lives. Just as importantly, you must talk to your vendors, such as photographers and videographers, in advance to ensure they have time to plan properly.

Budget Carefully for Destination Weddings

Your budget is critical to consider if you’re planning a destination or outdoor wedding. You’ll have to pay more than expected for these kinds of ceremonies, and you’ll want to avoid peak travel times, spring break, and other high-volume visits. Be sure to pay attention to your lodging options to ensure that everyone at the wedding can afford them.

When planning indoor or outdoor weddings, these tips should help ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you’re looking for the perfect venue for your wedding, look no further than Lakeview Hills. Our two gorgeous event spaces are sure to provide you with a magical and memorable celebration. Contact us today to learn more!